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Advance SCT Limited has evolved from being a recycler of metals to becoming a global supply chain manager of natural resources. It owns and operates wastewater treatment facilities, produces copper-based products for the electronic and power industries, and has investments in mining and metal processing technologies. Leveraging on its expertise and exposure in the metal industry, the Company aims to turn itself into a major resource-based company in the world.

Advance SCT Limited has been listed on the main board of the Singapore Exchange since 24 November 2004.

新亞控股集團是一家知名的銅製品供應商,主要工廠設置於中國大陸南 部以及台灣地區。本集團在電子材料設計製造亦處於本地區領先水平。同時,本公司已與歐洲金屬加工公司締結戰略聯盟,著手研發高科技附 加值的新一代熱交換器系統。該產品的問世將對傳統的熱交換器市場產 生巨大的衝擊。

在生產和研發銅製品之外,公司亦著眼於開發其他的可利用資源,位於 中國南部的污水處理中心便是公司尋求轉變的顯著標誌。該中心設立的 目的便是改善當前金屬行業的弊端,使本公司真正成為一個世界知名的 資源節約型集團。


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