Copper Production

Copper balls

Advance SCT is one of the world’s major copper ball suppliers for the electronics industry and provides OEMs and ODMs with state-of-the-art nano-grade copper balls required for the plating of printed circuit boards. From its production base in Kunshan, China, these copper balls are distributed throughout Asia via Advance SCT’s subsidiary in Taiwan.

Using copper phosphorus generated from pure copper concentrate de-oxidized with phosphorus, Advance SCT’s refined copper balls boast great functional efficiency as well as increased tensile strength and corrosion-resistance.

Cuprobraze radiators

Advance SCT has entered into a strategic alliance with a major German-Swedish metal processing company to manufacture a revolutionary new product, Cuprobraze radiators, in China. The manufacturing plant, set up in Shenyang by Advance SCT’s associate company Everglory Cooling Systems, will begin production on the Cuprobraze radiators in early 2015.

Made with next-generation heat-transfer technology, the radiators have greater heat transfer efficiency, withstand higher temperatures, are smaller and lighter than conventional soldered heat-exchangers and also boast extra durability. It is expected to replace conventional radiators in industrial and power generators as well as heavy vehicles in the near future.